Anthem Owners First Ride Feedback

Anthem Owners First Ride Feedback

As we progress through production and deliver to our supportive Anthem owners, we are delighted to receive feedback and first impressions from each of them. We are pleased to introduce one of the many Ryvid riders, Jesus G. As the new owner of the Atomic Gold Anthem, Jesus recently shared a detailed account of his experience—from eagerly anticipating the delivery day to testing the Anthem's performance on the streets. His insights and review of the entire process are well worth your 5 minutes, especially if you've been considering the idea of riding an Anthem. We highly recommend it!

“I have been having an absolute blast with my new bike. The performance is amazing. My overall takeaway is that the wait was well worth it.” - Jesus G.

“The fit and finish on this bike are extraordinary, considering that this is a startup company. There are niceties here that are not seen even in major brand dealers like Honda and KTM.”

“The Anthem feels rock solid and very stable when riding in either mode; eco or sport.”

"This was not me trying to justify my purchase, but rather being as honest as I could to inform anyone who has been on the fence about pulling the trigger. Now you have been somewhat informed, and if you do decide to take the plunge, in my opinion, it will be worth it.” - Jesus G.

We sincerely value Jesus' support throughout his entire Anthem journey, and we look forward to witnessing the exciting places the Anthem will take him. Stay tuned for more feedback from Anthem owners in the coming months.

To read Jesus’ full review and experience, visit here