Are you interested in learning to ride a motorcycle but haven't had the time to research or get started? We're here to help! Our passion is getting more people on the road with two wheels. The larger the community of 2-wheeled enthusiasts or electric motorcyclists, the better!

We understand that going through the rigmarole of classes, DMV waits, and paperwork to legally jump on a motorcycle can be a hassle. That's why we've put together a comprehensive guide for your ride. Plus, as a special incentive, we'll even give you a $250 credit towards your Anthem purchase upon completing your Beginner Training Course. 

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Do you need a license to ride an electric motorcycle? 

The short answer is YES. Like any ICE Motorcycle, you need a motorcycle license to ride an electric motorcycle. This is the biggest difference between an e-bicycle and an e-motorcycle. 


What is the difference between E-bikes and Electric Motorcycles? 

Electric bicycles function similarly to regular bicycles, utilizing an electric motor to assist while pedaling. On the other hand, electric motorcycles do not require pedaling as their movement is controlled solely by pulling the throttle on the right side of the handlebar. 

While operating an e-bike does not require a special license, a motorcycle license is required to legally ride a two-wheeled motorcycle. However, it is important to note that possessing a car license does not grant the authority to ride a motorcycle, nor does it cover other types of vehicles such as three-wheeled motorcycles. 


What kind of license do you need for an Electric Motorcycle? 

In the United States, motorcycle licenses are categorized into two classes: Class M1 and Class M2, depending on your bike's specifications.  

Class M1 License This enables you to operate a wide range of electric motorcycles, including those with a horsepower equivalent exceeding 150cc, electric mopeds, and electric scooters. 

Class M2 License This category is more limited, allowing you to ride a moped (a motorcycle with pedals) or any motorized bicycle that doesn't surpass 30 mph. 

Class C License While typically associated with cars, a Class C license is required if your electric motorcycle is equipped with a sidecar or has three wheels. 

Considering these distinctions, obtaining a Class M1 license to ride the Anthem legally on the road is required.  


How Do You Get a License for an Electric Motorcycle? 

The next step is to take a DMV-approved rider training course. These courses are available in your state and vary state-to-state on requirements. This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of operating a motorcycle. Upon finishing the course, you'll be presented with a certificate, granting you eligibility to take the DMV's practical and written tests.  

Upon completing and passing these tests, you’ll receive your M1 license. 


Next steps after getting your motorcycle license? 

Now it's time to make your move to purchase an electric motorcycle! Of course, we hope your persistent research on the Anthem makes this choice an easy one. You can always reach out to our killer Lightning Squad with any questions you may have at any time. 


Once you have obtained your motorcycle license, the next exciting step is to acquire insurance specifically tailored for electric motorcycles. Following that, you'll need to enthusiastically complete the registration process for your electric ride at the DMV. These two steps are crucial and should not be overlooked. By completing them, you not only comply with the law but also ensure the safety of yourself and others on the road. So, let's get geared up and keep the excitement going! 

Revamping the registration process for your electric motorcycle might vary a tad based on your state. But fear not, because most of the time, a thrilling trip to the DMV awaits, armed with:  

  • Your Certificate of Title (or name and address of lienholder if you have a loan)  
  • Proof of insurance  
  • A valid motorcycle license (valid within your state)  
  • Applicable fees  

Once insured and registered, you can start ripping your Anthem!