First Ride: Ryvid Anthem Electric Streetbike

First Ride: Ryvid Anthem Electric Streetbike

via Roadracing World by Michael Gougis.

In a year of extremely interesting and unique new motorcycles, the Ryvid Anthem may be one of the more significant machines available. The full electric, full-size motorcycle is less expensive than other electric machines, has a greater range than an e-bike and is designed to be easy to ride for those moving from powered bicycles onto motorcycles.

In other words, the Anthem may prove to be a platform that brings new riders into the sport.

Roadracing World got to take the Anthem on a spin through the streets of Long Beach, California and its surrounding neighborhoods. What we found was a refined city motorcycle, easy to ride, comfortable and quick enough for urban use, with design features that make sense and functionality enough to make commuting to work on one a viable proposition.

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