Anthem 4.3 kWh Battery Pack with Integrated Fast Charger


The Anthem's easily removable 4.3 kWh battery pack can be quick-swapped for instant fill-ups or brought indoors for ultimate charging flexibility.

  • With 110V (up to 20A), empty to 80% takes 2.3 hours. 100% takes 3.25 hours.
  • With 220V (up to 40A, or Level 2 using a J Plug charging adapter), empty to 80% takes 1.3 hours. 100% takes 1.85 hours.
  • Product Details

    • Easily undock or swap your Anthem Battery without the use of tools
    • 4.3 kWh Lithium Ion
    • Onboard 3.3kW fast charger
    • Integrated handle and wheels for easy movement
    • Configurable 3-digit combination lock
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