Power Controller Upgrade by ASI


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The ASI Power Controller enables a 30% acceleration increase over the Anthem's Base Power Controller without sacrificing range. Basically, it rips.

Peak Torque at wheel (4.7 ratio):
250 ft-lbs (338 Nm) - Standard Power Controller
334 ft-lbs (452 Nm) - Power Controller Upgrade

Peak Power:
20 hp (14 kW) - Standard Power Controller
27 hp (20 kW) - Power Controller Upgrade

Before Placing Order:
We consider this an advanced installation and recommend planning for 2-3 hours to complete. Please review the Power Controller by ASI Instruction video for a step-by-step detailed walkthrough. You can reach out to for assistance.

Ships in 2-3 business days.

Installation Level:
  • 1Easy
  • 2Intermediate
  • 3Advanced
  • Product Details

    • 30% acceleration performance increase
    • No reduction in range performance
    • Adapter harness included
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