We've Reached a Milestone - a Message from Ryvid's CEO

We've Reached a Milestone - a Message from Ryvid's CEO

From Ryvid's inception, my primary goal has been to provide the most accessible light electric vehicle to a broad audience. To disrupt the light electric mobility sector, it was essential not only to innovate our product but also our value proposition. Creating a new generation of electric two-wheel adopters meant competing effectively on the specification-versus-price ratio against both existing EVs and traditional ICE vehicles. Achieving competitive pricing would be challenging until we could execute several key post-launch initiatives:

    • Increase production volume to negotiate lower costs for parts
    • Expanding our range of products on the same platform, simplifying both our build process and product configurations
    • Optimize our supply chain for better costs and logistics 

Our team has been completely focused on reaching these objectives over the past two years. Their relentless efforts have significantly advanced us toward our goal of increasing electric vehicle adoption. We advocate for this shift not just for environmental and generational benefits, but because it enriches the soul and now, positively impacts your financial bottom line.

We've now reached a milestone with the Anthem, setting a new benchmark as one of the world's most affordable electric motorcycles, based on specs. We're also excited to announce the launch of orders for our new OUTSET model, with pricing detailed below.

Ryvid Anthem $6,495 - Shipping Now

Ryvid OUTSET $5,995 - Shipping Summer 24 

*Special OUTSET Offer: Free Power Controller Upgrade by ASI ($800 value) for those who get in early, while supplies last. 

There's never an ideal time for change. To our early supporters, Launch Edition owners, and customers who have already bought the Anthem at previous pricing, please reach out to our Customer Success Team for a special offer to help ease this transition, if we haven't already contacted you.

Thank you all current and future customers for your significant support and partnership in growing Ryvid to where it stands today.


Dong Tran

Ryvid Founder and CEO