Garrett S: EV Owner, California Native, and Early Adopter of Ryvid's All-Electric Motorcycle, The Anthem

Garrett S: EV Owner, California Native, and Early Adopter of Ryvid's All-Electric Motorcycle, The Anthem

We recently took the time to sit down with Garrett S, an Anthem owner who is stoked about all-things EVs. During our interview, Garrett shared his thoughts and experiences with the Anthem, giving us the lowdown on its design, performance, and what makes it stand out. 

Dive into our conversation with Garrett below! 


Tell us about yourself. 

“My name is Garrett Stanton. I'm from San José, California, and I've lived in California my whole life. I've resided here in San José and down south in San Diego. So, I'm a true Californian, born and bred, which is probably one of the reasons why I've been drawn to supporting California companies. That part has been a big interest for me." 

How would you describe your initial reaction of the Anthem electric motorcycle?    

"I would say that my first impression of seeing the Anthem was on social media; it was online as well. What took me aback was how it really looked different from a lot of the other offerings in the electric vehicle motorcycle market. It appears to have taken all the best characteristics of the design and the long-term planning that's gone into previous internal combustion engine motorcycles, but it has transformed them into the best possible version that is electric. I noticed the interesting design cues, such as the sharp lines and aggressive detailing, giving it a sporty appearance while also showcasing its new electric form, no longer powered by gas. This aspect really struck me and took me aback, making me want to learn more about it. I noticed on the vehicle that there was a visible battery pack, making it clear it's electric. I wanted to learn more about the motor, the features it offered, as well as its cool styling. So, that's what led me to explore more about the Anthem." 


Can you share your thoughts on the overall design and aesthetics of the bike?  

“The bike's color choices are top-notch, with the four offerings, and I know there's talk about expanding that. I thought that was a really great feature and a big draw aesthetically. Additionally, I found the attention to detail was amazing when closely examining the bike online through pictures and in person. You can really see the attention to detail on all the components. For example, the seat and its upholstery, as well as the mechanics, including the nuts and bolts, showcased precision in the design. I really appreciated that. Also, seeing the wheels, with similar spokes and Pirelli tires as other bikes, but noticing the difference with the belt-driven system connecting the motor to the rear wheel, was interesting. It was a cool design feature that sparked my interest even more in the Anthem." 


How does the Anthem perform in terms of acceleration, handling, and overall riding experience 

"I would first say the thing that I think is really great about the Anthem is that it feels as though there's a place, a spot, and a rider experience for everybody. What I mean by that is, if you're starting out using a motorcycle and maybe you're new to handling, acceleration, or just the feel of it, or perhaps you've learned how to ride a bike but want to take the next step in learning how to ride a motorcycle, the Eco mode for the Anthem provides a lot of flexibility and a little bit of forgiveness. In Eco mode, you have more control, perhaps more play in acceleration, where you might feel comfortable without it being too much at one time. Additionally, having regen braking in Eco mode helps to brake a little bit quicker and easier, reducing the dependency on the handle brake or foot brake, which I think is a great introduction for someone who may be less experienced with motorcycles.” 

“On the flip side, having the sport mode as an option flips it 180 degrees into a position where the instant acceleration of the electric motor is felt, with wide-open throttle without needing to engage a clutch or shift. The instantaneous torque of an electric motor is exhilarating, especially in sport mode, which is great to toggle between based on preference. There have been times when Eco mode is the mode I prefer, especially if there's more stopping and starting involved while riding. Whereas with sport mode, if I know I'll be hitting a few corners or want the fastest start off the line, that's the riding mode I choose. So, I'd say the flexibility of modes was great in the riding experience for the Anthem.” 

“Additionally, being able to ride it and take it through all the different kinds of obstacles that roads have, I definitely felt as though there was a great balance between the Anthem being relatively lighter than many motorcycles, especially internal combustion ones, weighing at around 300 pounds. It feels manageable to get started and navigate on the road, yet it doesn't lack sturdiness and build quality expected from a motorcycle. So, again, I talk a lot about this hybrid/dichotomy of the Anthem—it's light on one hand, allowing for agile handling and nimbleness, yet it doesn't lack in power, maneuverability, or build quality, providing a solid foundation for riding. Those are the two key takeaways I talk about with the riding experience." 


What was your perception of the range and battery life of the electric motorcycle?  

"My commute typically revolves around the city, mostly avoiding freeways. I mainly drive on streets or expressways, with occasional short hops on the freeway. On average, I cover a minimum of 15 miles per day during my commute, sometimes reaching up to 30 to 40 miles. With the Anthem's urban range of 60-75 miles, it more than meets my commuting needs. Even on heavier days, I return home with around 50% battery remaining, never experiencing any range anxiety associated with electric vehicles. The Anthem fits perfectly into my urban commute. Drawing from my past experiences, I also drive an electric car, but I used to rely on other forms of transportation such as an electric bike to get to work or other places.” 

 “What's cool about the Anthem is that it feels like a significant upgrade. If I don't need to transport anything bulky, the bike is the perfect choice for navigating the city. Additionally, the speed at which the battery charges is super awesome. Even if I ever need to recharge halfway through the day, I know I can quickly charge at work or somewhere at a public charger by using the small adaptor. I always have peace of mind knowing that I can easily get more power if needed, even when I already have enough electricity." 


Did the Anthem meet, exceed, or fall short of your expectations for an all-electric motorcycle? 

"I would say that my expectations were exceeded. When I was doing my research, looking online at different resources, reviews, and competitors, I put a lot of thought into making the decision to get where we're at now. There's only so much research you can do, but once I had the Anthem delivered and got to feel it, ride it, and test it out, I saw all the features and how it really does deliver as described in the pictures and reviews. I know it sounds kind of silly, but when you see people giving glowing reviews on YouTube or other platforms, you wonder if they're just saying it because they're sponsored. But then when I got the bike, I could see that it wasn't just them saying it for whatever purpose; it was true, which was a cool experience to see and feel in person. I can imagine that if someone were to check out the Anthem before buying it in person, they'd also be impressed. And then I guess the one other quick thing I'd say is that dollar for dollar, the value you get with the Anthem seems to surpass anything else on the market. Of course, there are bikes out there that you could spend tens of thousands of dollars on, and they'll perform better than the Anthem. But when it comes to the value for the dollars spent, it's hard to beat what the Anthem delivers."


What colorway did you get and why?  

 "So, making the decision for which one I wanted was super hard because I liked all four of them. I got feedback from my partner and from other people who have electric cars or motorcycles, and I got their thoughts on what they liked most. I ended up going with the carbon gray, and it's cool because it closely matches the electric car we have as well. So, it's kind of like big vehicle, little vehicle. It's cool to see them side by side." 


Where is the first place you took your Anthem?  

"The first real riding experience I had was in West San José, a little south of the city, close to the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains around Almaden Valley, Los Gatos, and Saratoga. I rode along Almaden and up into Quicksilver into Saratoga, reaching Skyline. Essentially, I made a trek up to explore some of the foothills, which was cool because I could see the valley, which felt like a full-circle moment. Riding something technologically advanced or on the cutting edge, and then seeing this cool overlook of Silicon Valley, one of the poster children of innovation, seemed like a perfect fit."


What’s your go-to riding gear?   

"My go-to riding gear consists of leather gloves and a leather jacket, both from Indian Motorcycle Leather. I like having them in black, which matches the darker look of the Anthem, with its gray and black features. Additionally, I wear a Builtwell helmet, specifically the Lane Splitter model, also in black, creating a matching color palette that complements the Anthem itself." 


We're excited to see more EV enthusiasts hitting the road on two wheels, and a big thank you to Garrett for being awesome and sharing his time with us. Here's to riding along with Ryvid! Cheers!