Ryvid Nominated for 2024 Riders Choice Awards

Ryvid Nominated for 2024 Riders Choice Awards

Ryvid has recently been nominated for the prestigious 2024 Riders Choice Awards, as ‘Best Commuter Electric Motorcycle Company.’

The nomination itself is a significant milestone for Ryvid, a company that has been steadily gaining recognition in the light mobility industry, and nominated alongside brands including Ducati, Super73 and LiveWire. The Riders Choice Awards, organized by RideReview, are known for celebrating the best of the best in the micromobility world. 

What This Means for the Electric Motorcycle Industry

Ryvid's nomination for the 2024 Riders Choice Awards signifies a broader trend in the motorcycle industry. This recognition also serves as a reminder that electric motorcycles are no longer a novelty but a growing force in the industry. As technology continues to evolve and batteries become more powerful, the electric motorcycle market is poised for significant growth.

How to Vote?

➡️ For more information on the Riders Choice Awards and to VOTE FOR RYVID, you can visit https://ridereview.com/awards/2024/companies/ryvid