Honoring Heroes: Ryvid's Commitment to Veterans

Honoring Heroes: Ryvid's Commitment to Veterans

As Veterans Day 2023 approaches, we are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our military-affiliated team members at Ryvid. 

Veterans have always played a vital role in our organization, and their contributions have been instrumental in cementing the company's culture and success. Their experiences in the military have shaped them into disciplined, adaptable, and solution-oriented individuals, which are qualities that align perfectly with our company's values. 

At Ryvid, we understand the significance of hiring veterans and are committed to supporting them as they transition into civilian life. We have worked with organizations HeadLamp and Envisioneering to connect veterans and military-associated individuals with the Ryvid team.

We invite you to learn more about the contributions our veterans make to Ryvid:

Quality Assurance Specialist,  a dedicated Ryvid team member at Ryvid. This member's  journey into the corporate world stems from his significant role in Supply Chain Management during over five years of dedicated service in the U.S. Air Force. Their valuable military experience has seamlessly transitioned into his role at Ryvid, where he excels in quality checking the motorcycles and ensuring their meticulous preparation for shipment to customers. With a strong foundation in organization skills acquired during his time in the military, this individual contributes to Ryvid's commitment to excellence and precision, making him an integral part of the team.

Business Development Executive, an individual with a 23-year career as an Air Force veteran, has a background rich in international experience. This executive, whose name is not disclosed, served as the Special Projects Section Chief during their military tenure, playing a pivotal role in supporting global interagency initiatives. They worked closely with various US Embassies located across diverse regions, including the Middle East, Central Asia, Europe, and Africa. Currently, this executive is utilizing their extensive international knowledge and expertise to aid Ryvid's Strategy and Business Development departments. Their objective is to facilitate the company's expansion into foreign markets, capitalizing on the vast network and experience they have cultivated during their Air Force career.

The Ryvid team is so excited to support veterans and will continue to highlight their incredible work and contribution. Thank you for being a fan!

To celebrate the accomplishment and contributions of all US Military Veterans, we will be offering everyone  $500 off the Ryvid Anthem through Monday, November 13th with the code VETERANS at checkout.