The Manual: 'For $100, you can preorder this incredible new electric motorcycle'

The Manual: 'For $100, you can preorder this incredible new electric motorcycle'

The Manual by Bruce Brown

If you’ve been waiting for the best electric motorcycle with the right combination of range, speed, comfort, and price, the new Ryvid Anthem may be the answer. The Anthem can travel up to 75 miles on a charge, and its 75+ mph maximum speed means you won’t have to avoid highways.

The Anthem’s seat height adjusts from 30 to 34 inches to accommodate a wide range of riders, and its competitive $8,995 price looks even better when you can reserve an Anthem in your choice of four colors for just $100.

Why the Ryvid Anthem e-motorcycle matters

Electric motorcycles will be standard on U.S. roadways soon, perhaps in a year or two, but these are still early days for full-sized e-motorcycles. E-bike usage continues a post-COVID growth spurt, but most states’ 28 mph maximum legal speed rules out even the best electric bikes for practical use for touring or commuting. The Ryvid Anthem e-motorcycle goes fast enough and far enough on a single charge for average round-trip daily commuting distances.

E-motorcycle comfort and control matter

The Anthem load capacity is 330 pounds, including a rider, a potential passenger, clothing, and any additional cargo. The rider can control the seat height electronically with a button mounted on the handlebar. The adjustable seat is important not just to fit riders of different heights but also to help newer riders feel more secure by having a seat low enough that they can put both feet flat on the ground at a stop.

You must have a motorcycle license to ride the Anthem. To encourage new riders for e-motorcycle commuting and fun, Ryvid will give $250 credit off Anthem’s $8,995 price to cover the cost of Basic Rider Training for new riders. This offer is good for people who reserve a Ryvid Anthem with a nonrefundable $100 deposit between February 22 and March 30.

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