Emily George: Female Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Two-Wheeled Enthusiast, and Early Adopter of Ryvid's All-Electric Motorcycle, The Anthem

Emily George: Female Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Two-Wheeled Enthusiast, and Early Adopter of Ryvid's All-Electric Motorcycle, The Anthem

It's International Women's Day 2024, and here at Ryvid, we are celebrating and shining a spotlight on one of our remarkable customers who has paved the way for women on 2-wheels and more specifically electric mobility! We recently had the privilege of chatting with Emily George, the proud owner of the Ryvid Anthem electric motorcycle. In our interview, Emily shares her thoughts and experiences with the Anthem, providing invaluable insights into its design, performance, and distinctive features.    

Emily George, a native of the Great Pacific Northwest, was immersed in a life on wheels from early on. Starting with a banana seat bike, she progressed to riding the lawn mower, borrowing her sister’s go-kart, and eventually driving a 1989 VW Golf. Despite these diversions, her true passion always led her back to two wheels. With over two decades of experience across various motorcycle types, Emily now opts for her all-electric Ryvid Anthem for daily commutes. As an entrepreneur, she played a pivotal role in expanding and sustaining the retail presence of See See Motorcycles and The One Motorcycle Show, prioritizing female-owned and operated motorcycle brands and consistently advocating for women in the industry.    

Today, Emily is the proud owner of The Mont in Portland, Oregon at the heart of the Belmont Street district. Known for its inclusivity and community-driven values, The Mont reflects Emily's dedication to fostering a supportive environment for all.

Dive into our conversation with Emily below!   


How would you describe your initial reaction when you first saw the Anthem electric motorcycle?   

"My first reaction was that I'd seen electric bikes before from competitors' brands and didn’t have any strong positive opinions. Once I saw the Anthem in person, I had a completely different reaction; I was really impressed with the aesthetics. The bike's dual-sport look, higher handlebars, and sleek body style really stood out to me. Seeing its features blew me away. My first experience with the Anthem changed my mind on electric bikes. Being biased towards gas bikes (having ridden them for 20 years), I knew after seeing it that I really wanted to give it a spin."  

Can you share your thoughts on the overall design and aesthetics of the bike?  

"I was really impressed by the design. It felt truly classy and classic, not following a trend like the café racer style or emulating a current chopper build. It exuded a timeless appeal. The design was sleek, smart, and non-intimidating, offering comfort for riders. It's perfect for those who prefer a less aggressive look, a bike you can enjoy riding every day." 

How does the Anthem perform in terms of acceleration, handling, and overall riding experience?  

“Initially, two things stood out to me. Having ridden other electric bikes, I appreciated the ease of the Anthem's start without needing to release the clutch. It made for a smoother initial run compared to other bikes that tend to pull and feel whippy. Secondly, I was a little disappointed with the power and aggressiveness of the Anthem, until I found the sport mode switch, which was a pleasant surprise and sealed the deal for me. Sport mode brought power and a more aggressive riding style, transforming the experience. Overall, it's great for first-time riders, and an easy jump from e-scooters or e-bikes."  

What is the ride experience like in comparison to traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles?  

“Learning on a stick manual car, then transitioning to an automatic, frees up so much of your thinking. It allows you to focus more on traffic instead of constantly shifting gears and worrying about stalling. As an experienced rider, it requires a lot less effort and is more relaxing. It feels like more of a cruise, allowing for heightened awareness without the need to constantly adjust gears. Breaking is also easier since there's no need to grab a handful of clutch.”    

Are there any specific features or innovations on the Anthem that stood out to you?  

"The standout features are the adjustable seat and reverse. Both are pretty amazing. As a shorter rider, I find the reverse especially useful for parking and navigating tight spots like crosswalks. Learning the skills and weight of the bike takes time, but having these features eliminates years of trial and error. They come in handy for everyday riding scenarios, allowing for quick adjustments.”     

“With a new puppy around, navigating the sounds of a traditional gas bike can be intimidating for them. Thankfully, the electric Anthem is much quieter and less intimidating. My pup was right next to me running alongside as we explored the neighborhood on roads without traffic."

What was your perception of the range and battery life of the electric motorcycle?  

“Speaking as someone new to electric vehicles, I've never owned an electric car or hybrid, so I didn't have any expectations regarding range or battery life. The bike was almost fully charged when I received it, but I was still a little nervous about making it home. However, for my needs, the range has been perfect. I haven't taken any long or all-day riding trips yet, but the ability to pull in and recharge easily fits my daily riding and commuting around town. If I do go on a road trip, I might have to plan accordingly.”  

Did the Anthem meet, exceed, or fall short of your expectations for an all-electric motorcycle? If there were any surprises, what were they?  

“It definitely exceeded my expectations in terms of agility and responsiveness, especially when it comes to turning. I didn't have high expectations regarding power and maneuverability, but the Anthem performed exceptionally well on windy roads. It felt stable and in control, with quick reactions that gave me confidence. Even in sport mode, it provided plenty of power without feeling overwhelming. Unlike other electric bikes that might plateau out, the Anthem has impressive torque and zip, which was a pleasant surprise and a huge bonus."  

What colorway did you get and why?

"I chose the Rapid White colorway mainly for its visibility and timeless appeal. I believe I won't grow tired of this bike's classy look even after two years. From a female's perspective, it matches everything I wear. The contrast between the matte black frame and the white overlay is particularly beautiful."

Where is the first place you took your Anthem?  

“I took an adventure from state to state and rode it across the I-205 bridge. This bridge connects Washington State and Oregon State in the most beautiful way, with Mt Hood to my left and the western skyline to my right.”  

What’s your go-to riding gear? 

"For footwear, I wear Danner boots with ankle height and steel toe protection. My riding attire includes ATWYLD riding pants, a hoodie, and a riding jacket to stay warm in the Northwest weather. My go-to riding jacket is either the Maven Roland Sands or a Leather ATWYLD jacket. I also wear an Arai helmet and See See Motorcycles riding gloves, opting for a full-face helmet for added safety."  

We're pumped to see more women hitting the road on two wheels, and big thanks to Emily for being awesome and sharing her time. Cheers to riding along with Ryvid!  

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