Anthem Rear Rack


Unlock additional utility and carrying capacity with a Rear Rack designed specifically for the Anthem. This versatile platform can carry loads up to 25 lbs., making it the perfect accessory for errands and urban commuting.

Installation Level:
  • 1Easy
  • 2Intermediate
  • 3Advanced
  • Product Details

    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • 25 pound load limit
    • Proprietary fit to the Anthem (Does not fit OUTSET)

    Loading Guidelines:
    The Anthem Rear Rack is intended for light-duty use. To ensure optimal performance, please follow these guidelines:

    1. Secure cargo center of mass as close to centerline of rack as possible.  

    2. Do not exceed load weight of 25 lbs, a dimensional width of 12 in, and dimensional height of 6 in. 

    Failure to follow these guidelines may result in compromised handling or damage to the rack or bike. 

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