Ryvid’s Anthem: The Commuter Motorcycle of The Future

Ryvid’s Anthem: The Commuter Motorcycle of The Future

This lightweight, two-wheel vehicle is proof that EVs can be as efficient as they are enjoyable

In the over-saturated world of electric commuters, Ryvid’s launch product – the Anthem – stands out. The fully-electric, lightweight motorcycle is city-friendly and highway-capable so it’s perfect for running errands or heading out for a weekend adventure. From its minimalist design to aerospace-inspired construction methods, its lower carbon footprint, comfort, accessibility, adjustability and affordability, the Anthem is poised to galvanize EV enthusiasts and the industry at large. 


Gas vs Electric: The Basics

There’s no denying that electric vehicles are preferable and inevitable for anybody cognizant of the climate crisis. Less resource-intensive in general, electric vehicles use renewable energy and don’t produce any emissions. It’s not just about the oil that  comes out of the ground or generating electricity, the complex supply chain that gas-powered vehicles rely on takes a tremendous toll. 

Aside from the environmental benefits, electric vehicles also require less maintenance. The battery needs charging, and repairs are necessary from time to time, but it’s minimal compared to the attention gas-powered bikes need. When it comes to a design like Ryvid’s Anthem, it’s easy to replace various parts – including the battery and sheet metal frame. This makes repairs relatively fast and inexpensive. 

Range and Efficiency

Ryvid’s anthem boasts a 75-mile range in its Eco Mode setting, and a 50-mile range in Sport Mode. For many commuters, that could be enough to cover the round trip, but if you need to charge at work, home or in a hotel, it’s no problem. The 80-pound, 4.3kw battery easily pops out and can be wheeled into the office – or wherever there’s a standard 110 V outlet. Of course, it also works with a standard EV charging plug or standard J plug on public car chargers. Best of all, a full charge costs about 80 cents.


Weight and Handling

In busy areas with smooth roads, lightweight commuters are crucial. Not only are they easier to handle and maneuver (especially at low speeds in stop-start traffic), they are also more manageable to physically move – providing flexibility when it comes to fitting in tight spots or being parked into a corner. 


Anthem’s easy handling inspires confidence in the rider – even those who are hesitant or dubious about electric motorcycles. From rookies and experts, riders of various skill levels benefit from a bike like the Anthem, which corners intuitively and cleanly, thanks to a low center of gravity. 


The size and compatibility of the bike and the rider makes a significant difference when it comes to handling. Riders of all sizes often face challenges when it comes to frame size and seat height, in terms of comfort, accessibility and safety. The Anthem’s Ergo-Easy, height-adjustable seat means that rather than adapting/contorting your body to fit the bike, the bike can modify to fit your body. This is a game-changer for riders dealing with heavy congestion, traffic lights, stop signs, pedestrian crossings and all kinds of factors that require constant stopping, starting, and sometimes very immediate braking.

Safety and Comfort 

Beyond providing comfort and accessibility, Anthem’s adjustable seat and lightweight nature elevate the safety of the vehicle. When seated correctly, riders aren’t distracted by discomfort or constantly adjusting themselves on the bike. Fewer distractions and more agility result in being adequately equipped to focus on the road, avoid obstacles and make quick decisions. Riders with optimal body positioning and posture more easily maintain balance. 


The vivid, 4.9-inch TFT display screen shows your speed, battery level, odometer and trip mileage in just a quick glance.


A quiet ride also makes it easier to remain aware of your surroundings. The Anthem’s lack of engine noise makes other sounds easier to hear, while intensifying the euphoric sensation of effortless, electric gliding.  

The Future of Commuting is Electric


Across all industries, building a more accessible and sustainable future is imperative. Thankfully, we’re already seeing a major shift in how people get around and interest in electric bikes, motorcycles, cars and more is soaring. Because of this intensified interest, it’s not going to be enough to just make electric vehicles – they have to be efficient, accessible, affordable and enjoyable. The best motorcycles for commuting combine efficiency with pleasure. It’s not enough that your vehicle is convenient, if it’s not fun to ride, you won’t use it. With the Anthem, Ryvid has embarked on a mission for greener mobility, with all kinds of electric vehicles that have low carbon footprints but high levels of joy. 


Ryvid Anthem: The Basics


Up to 75 miles (Eco Mode)

50+ miles (Sport Mode, sans Regenerative Braking)


75+ mph (120 km/h)

Power System

4.3 kWh Lithium Ion Battery

Peak Torque

53 ft-lb (72 N-m)

At Wheel: 250 ft-lb (338 N-m) at 4.7:1 gear ratio

Drive Train

Transmission: Clutchless Direct Drive

Final Drive

117T/25T Poly Chain and HTD carbon belt

4.7:1 gear ratio